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Tethers are perfect for company picnics, grand openings, parties, special promotions, or what ever the event, we can make it special. We do tether events all year long weather permitting. We will bring our balloon to your site and will attach 4 special made ropes to the balloon to keep us from flying away. We can take 3-4 passengers at a time for about 2-3 minutes each. In a two hour time frame, we can give approximately 50-70 people a quick flight. Use the form below for cost and scheduling.

School Programs

We do school programs all year long depending on the weather. We will bring our balloon to your school and will set it up in a nice grassy spot for everyone to watch. The pilot and crew chief will talk to the students about many subjects including a complete history about balloons, weather, science, and the importance of being drug and alcohol free. Sometimes the students may participate in the deflation and pack up of the balloon. Contact us for cost and scheduling.

Pilot- Greg

(503) 510-7835

I’ll Fly Away Balloon Adventures

                                                                     Serving Central and Western Oregon