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Do you have an interest in piloting a balloon? Don't know how to get started? I'll Fly Away Balloon Adventures is certified through the FAA for flight instruction. We will make sure that you are fully equipped to pass either your private or commercial check ride or both. Your flight training through I'LL FLY AWAY BALLOON ADVENTURES will  take you through ground and air training to become a Hot Air Balloon Pilot. Upon completion  of your flight training and passing the FAA check ride, you will receive a certificate to pilot your own Hot Air Balloon.

Instruction FAQS

I have never flown a hot air balloon, what do I need to do?

You need to have an interest in flying a hot air balloon and the willingness to complete the training once started.

I do not own my own balloon, can I still receive training?

For a little bit more cost, we can provide the balloon. You will be responsible for finding your own crew to help you set up the balloon.

Do you have a checklist that we have to go over before flight?

Yes, there is a checklist that we will go over and before we will sign you off to take your test, we will verify that you are using your checklist correctly.

Besides Flight training, is there other training I must take to receive a license?

You must also attend ground school and pass a written exam.

How long will it take to get my license?

Private pilots must go through a minimum of 10 hours of training and at least 6 flights. Most people do not feel comfortable in this amount of time so they usually have between 15-20 hours before taking their test.

Do I actually get to fly the balloon during flight training or am I just observing how it is done?

You will be getting hands on experience as well as observing. Your instructor will show you something, then will let you practice it first hand. He will also make sure that you understand what is going on and why you are doing something.

New Private Pilot Jeff Beebe

and his Balloon named- Making Friends

Pilot- Greg

(503) 510-7835

I’ll Fly Away Balloon Adventures

                                                                     Serving Central and Western Oregon